The Paper Try-On is a tactile alternative tool that gives the customer the chance to get to their home or office 5 pairs of their favorite frames, made of a unique carton models. The models gives you the exact feeling of how the frame will suit you, in order to experience the perfect fit before purchasing the actual product.

Free of charge. 

This service is completely new and original. 

You will discover how simple and engaging is the paper try-on experience. You will feel much more confident to complete your online purchase once you have tried the frame.

After receiving the frames you can try them on at home ask your friends, take photos and pick which style you like the most. The experience of trying them on give you an experience that is just like the real product.

Take each pair and try them on in the same way you would a real pair, check the look and feel, see how it looks in the mirror, with your favorite outfit. 

How many pairs of glasses can I order?

up to 5 models, free of charge.

How do I know what pair of glasses I am wearing?

In the left arm of the frame there are the details about the model. 

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, but some country require a long delivery time

How long does the delivery take? 

  • Italy up to 2 weeks
  • Western Europe up to 3/4 weeks
  • Eastern Europe up to 5 weeks
  • USA up to 5 weeks
  • Rest of World up to 6 weeks 

My item has not arrived can you track it for me?

No, but if you have not received your item, please confirm your address and we will reship it to you.

What if I want a faster service?

Yes. You can send us an email (thetechnologyvibe(at)gmail(dot)com)�?with your selection and we are going to send you a link�?with payment (10-15€)

In this case we are going to ship with DHL and it is going to take 3/5 days worldwide. You will receive a tracking number

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